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We offer a wide selection of bonsai trees & accessories, including junipers, ficus, pines, palms, Chinese elms, azaleas, bonsai gift sets & bonsai tools. ESTABLISHED 2004 Over 340,000 Orders Shipped.

Web. (#3) Stunning Pine, by mr. Suzuki This tree was on display at the stand of mr. Shinji Suzuki at the World Bonsai Convention 2017, in Tokyo. (#4) Deshojo Maple Multitrunk Deshojo Japanese maple with warm autumn colors, photo by Michael, on display at the Omiya Bonsai Museum. (#5) Shohin crabapple by Katsumi Komiya.

In good conditions this tree is fast-growing, adding as much as 4 feet in a single year. Using as Bonsai. Another popular use for this tree is as bonsai. This is a classic tree for true Japanese bonsai, unlike many of the trees sold in the West today, which are not authentic species. Bonsai trees of Japanese Black Pine must be grown outdoors ....

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